Auto Body Services

Kelso Auto Body stands as the premier hub for exceptional technicians within the automotive repair realm. Our immensely skilled team possesses the expertise to effectively reinstate both major and minor impairments on virtually all makes and models that find their way into our repair facility.

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At Kelso Auto Body, we leverage cutting-edge technology, continuous training, and unmatched expertise to deliver the forefront service for dent repair and removal across all vehicles we handle. Recognized as a paramount figure in safety and excellence, Kelso Auto Body proudly holds the prestigious Gold Class Professionals designation bestowed by the eminent industry advocate, I-CAR. With over 280 Kelso Auto Body I-CAR Gold Class-certified repair centers, we firmly secure a spot among the top echelon of collision repair centers in the United States, distinguished for our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and adherence to industry benchmarks.

From the moment your vehicle enters a Kelso Auto Body Collision Repair Center, our adept technicians are primed to swiftly evaluate any damage and pinpoint the most secure repair resolution. This process epitomizes our overarching pledge to eliminate all dents and imperfections, ensuring your rapid and secure return to the road.

Kelso Auto Body technicians, in most instances, will meticulously remove body panels, taillights, and interior panels as necessary to access the underside of the dent. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the contours of the dent are illuminated, providing invaluable guidance for the precise placement of the technician’s tools. This facilitates the seamless restoration of the compromised area to its initial state.

Although Kelso Auto Body specializes in paintless dent repair, there are situations where opting for traditional dent repair proves to be the more prudent decision. Traditional dent repair becomes imperative when the vehicle’s metal has experienced stretching due to an impact or when the dent’s depth makes extraction challenging. This approach is also appropriate when the impact has resulted in significant paint damage. In instances where a dent is deeply gouged, our skilled technicians employ techniques to elevate the depressed region until it aligns with the vehicle’s original surface.

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Upon successfully achieving an optimal surface and refining the impacted region, our state-of-the-art computerized paint-matching system ensures an exact match between the newly applied paint and the vehicle’s factory finish.

Dents pose no challenge to the expertise of Kelso Auto Body’s technicians. Entrust your vehicle to our repair facility, and we will proudly demonstrate our capability to rejuvenate your car to a pristine, as-new appearance.

Kelso Auto Body: The Mastery of Automotive Painting

At Kelso Auto Body, we take immense pride in the art of automotive painting. Our philosophy is centered on considering the painting process as an intricate art form rather than a mere task.

Contrary to common belief, the act of painting a vehicle involves a multifaceted approach, demanding precision, expertise, rigorous training, and unwavering attention to detail. Our skilled technicians possess a profound understanding of how to meticulously assess and execute each painting endeavor, whether it’s a comprehensive full-body paint job or the refinement of individual panels.

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Our painting journey at Kelso Auto Body commences with the meticulous cleansing of the vehicle’s surface, eliminating all traces of dirt, grease, and other impediments that could compromise the attainment of a flawless finish. This thorough groundwork sets the stage for the subsequent priming phase. Once the primer has been judiciously applied, cured, and meticulously sanded down, the canvas is prepared for the application of paint.

To ensure an outcome that mirrors the quality of factory finishes, our adept technicians expertly blend the colored basecoat to impeccably match the vehicle’s original color. The precise application of this basecoat, followed by the application of a clear coat, restores the vehicle’s innate luster, returning it to its factory-fresh appearance.

In the event of any imperfections persisting post-painting, our artisans engage in a process of delicately sanding and polishing the affected areas until they gleam with perfection.

At Kelso Auto Body, we’re fully equipped with cutting-edge tools, alongside the latest advancements in paint-matching technology and software. This synergy of expertise and technology ensures that every paint job we undertake results in an impeccably seamless match, regardless of whether it’s addressing a minor scratch or a substantial blemish.

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